Top 6 Best Fishing Crossbows Reviews 2020


Are you trying to find a crossbow for fishing but aren’t sure which one to choose? Well, you have come to the right place because fishing crossbows are all that we are going to talk about today.

Considering how the market is so saturated with different models and brands of these unit, it is natural to get confused while picking one for yourself.

We have reviewed the top 6 fishing crossbows available in the market these days. All of these units are made from high quality materials and deliver excellent performance. Read down below to find out more.

Crossbow NameFeaturesLatest Price
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HBG powerful Pro Check Price
SAS Scorpii Compound Check Price
HBG Fishing Slingshot Check Price
AMS Bowfishing Check Price

1.    Anglo Arms 80 lbs Mantis Fishing Crossbow

The very first unit on our list is the Anglo Arms Mantis fishing crossbow and there are many reasons for this unit being our first pick. This product has been loved by a huge number of users. This is probably because of its top notch quality and superb performance.

This unit can be very useful if you are into crossbow fishing, thanks to the different high-quality professional features that it comes with. This unit has a draw weight of only 80 pounds, which means it is powerful, yet easy to use. This makes it a good choice for both novices, as well as the more experienced hunters.Anglo Arms 80 lbs Mantis Fishing Crossbow

Unlike many of its competitors, this unit comes with a self-cocking feature that further increases the ease of use of this unit while ensuring precise string alignment. Another great feature, that increases the convenience level of this unit is the auto-safety mechanism. This engages automatically while the device is being cocked.

Other than this, the bolts that a fishing crossbow comes with can make or break the unit. You would be happy to hear that this unit accompanies some high-quality bolts such as 2 wing fishing bolts, three aluminum bolts and a shark fishing bolt as well. Along with bolts, this unit is also accompanied by one vertical handle, 8 lbs reel, and one reel seat.

Furthermore, this model has a resin construction and it features a tactical adjustable grip to ensure that users are in control of the unit. This allows to increase the accurateness of the unit and allows users to fire precise shots. It has a velocity of 175 fps, which is quite decent when it comes to fishing crossbows.

To ensure durability the limbs of the unit have been constructed using high tech fiberglass. Also, the unit weighs only 2.35 pounds, which means it is super lightweight.

It is 10 inches wide with the 6-inch power stroke. It is portable, compact and can be easily carried from one place to another. Users can easily spend the whole day fishing without straining their shoulders and arms.

Overall, this unit is a mini crossbow fishing model. It is easy to use and reliable. It is a great choice for both; novice and experienced hunters.

  • It is light weight
  • It comes with some useful accessories
  • It comes at a good price
  • The velocity could’ve been better

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2.    BOLT Crossbows, Crossbow Angler Bundle

The Bolt crossbow Angler bundle is a great choice for hunters that are looking for something that comes with good features and can be bought at an affordable price. This unit is priced below 100 dollars, which is quite in range for many people.

The best thing about this unit is its velocity. Users can shoot plastic bolts at a speed of 200 FPS, which allows them to easily kill the target of their choice. Whereas, the aluminum bolts can be fired at a speed of 160 FPS, which makes this unit a decent choice if you are looking for fast unit.BOLT Crossbows, Crossbow Angler Bundle

Moving on, this unit comes with some useful accessories that include a 150 feet of bow fishing line, front foregrip, a pair of bolt crossbow nitrile fishing gloves and 12 fishing bolts. The fishing bolts that come with this unit are made of aluminum.

The body of this unit is made from metal, which makes it very durable. Also, it comes with an auto safety mechanism to ensure the safety of the unit. The unit also features a cocking leveler and an adjustable rear sight.

The unit has a draw weight of 80 pounds, which make it easy to use. Every fishing bolt that comes along with the unit has a pre drilled hole in it. Lastly, the body weight of this unit is 3.3, which means it can be easily carried around the whole day without straining the user’s arm. The model comes with a one year warranty.

  • It comes at a very affordable price
  • It comes with a one year warranty
  • It is very light weight and easy to handle
  • The overall design of the unit could’ve been better

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3.    HBG Powerful Pro BowFishing Kit

Next up on the list is the HBG powerful Pro BowFishing Kit crossbow. The name of the unit does justice to its performance as you this is one powerful bowfishing crossbow. The HCG bowfishing kit has been one of the top choice products for professional bow fishers since quite some time now.

The unit comes with some useful fishing accessories which are high quality o users won’t need to upgrade or replace them every now and then. The unit comes with a fishing reel rack, a sling shot ad an arrow brush. Another unique component that comes with this model is flash light. This allows you to hunt fish at night as well.HBG Powerful Pro BowFishing Kit

This bowfishing kit is already inclusive of a slingshot, arrow brush, fishing reel, and fishing reel rack. Another unique inclusion is the flashlight, which will come handy if you are fishing in the dark.

Other than this, this model is available in red and camo print. The body and design of this unit is quite attractive and eye catching. It looks premium quality and it has a durable construction. It has been made using ABS plastic and Aluminum.  The overall weight of this unit is only 3.6 pounds.

Thanks to the Aluminum construction of this unit it is very light weight. This makes it comfortable to handle and easy to move around. Another great thing about this unit is that it is very versatile. Other than shooting arrows you can also shoot steel balls with it. This is something that you don’t get in every other model.

This tool can be used to exercise your eyesight, arm strength, attention and hunting skills. However, you need to use this unit with care as it is a cold weapon.

  • It is light weight
  • It is comfortable to use
  • It comes in two deigns
  • It needs to be handled with care

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4.    Southland Archery Supply SAS Scorpii Compound Bowfishing Bow Kit

SAS scorpii compound bowfishing crossbow is one well known crossbow fishing kits by the brand Southland archery supply brand. This unit is a compound fishing crossbow that has specifically been made for the more serious and professional hunters.

his unit has gained quite a lot of popularity in the market in a very short period of time. This unit has been made from premium materials, which means you can expect a high-level execution from this unit. It has a good body build which makes the unit very durable as well.SAS Scorpii Compound Bowfishing Bow Kit

The SAS Scorpii has an adjustable draw length between 19 inches and 29 inches. It is also possible to adjust the draw length of this fishing crossbow between 30 and 50 pounds. Also, this crossbow is capable of firing at a speed of 260 FPS, which is quite impressive.

The convenient draw weight and super-fast firing speed makes this unit a compact powerhouse. Furthermore, the weight of this unit is only 3.3 lbs., hence it is very light weight. Also, this unit has a very unique and cool design which sets it apart from rest of the units.

It comes with a couple of accessories that includes an arrow with a side, an arrow rest and the front mount reel with line. Also, buyers can choose between two design of the unit that include a GC camo color and a black colored unit.

Overall, it is a very convenient unit that has been made for experienced users but is also a great choice for beginners.

  • It has a good speed
  • It comes in two attractive designs
  • It is convenient
  • The assembly instructions are very unclear

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5.    HBG New Fishing Slingshot Professional

Slingshot professional is another great fishing crossbow from HBG. As the name mentions this unit has been made keeping the professional hunters in mind. Hence, this unit comes with some really cool features. One of the best thig about this unit is that it is multi-functional, which means that it is possible to use it with steel balls too.

The unit has been made from PC plastic which is environment friendly. Th overall weight of the slingshot is also reduced with the help of the polycarbonate material. With a bod weight of only 1.7 pounds, this unit is one of the lightest models that you can get your hands on. This increases the ease and comfort of use to a great extent.HBG New Fishing Slingshot Professional

The handguard has been designed to provide extra safety to the user’s hand. The model comes with one fishing reel, two rubber bands and one arrow. The fishing reels are available in black and red color. Rest of the accessories for the unit can be purchased separately.

Lastly, this unit can be used both; indoors and outdoors. It can be used for catapult fitness, boutique collection and competition. Also, it comes with a flash light and a laser light which allows users to get a better sight of the target during night time.

Overall, though this unit is not the best one but it is still a good choice if you are looking for something that is affordable and convenient.

  • It is easy to use and comfortable
  • It has a nice build
  • It can perform multipurpose task
  • It has age restriction

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6. AMS Bowfishing Crossbow Bowfishing Kit

Last but not the least, the AMS bowfishing crossbow bowfishing kit is another well known unit in them market. Hunters can expect to put a good game with the help of this unit as it is very convenient and includes anything that you would need to go crossbow fishing right away.AMS Bowfishing Crossbow Bowfishing Kit

The quality of the accessories that come with this unit is top notch. The unit is accompanied a M109 Sleek-X machined aluminum two-piece crossbow mount which attaches to the quiver holes of your crossbow, a 610 Retriever Pro bottle reel filled with 200 lb. braided Dacron line and 3 AX503 Chaos FX solid fiberglass bowfishing bolts.

Overall, this is a very useful unit that can come quite handy for professional crossbow bow fish hunters. It is worth the try.

  • It is of decent quality
  • It is affordable
  • Comes with some good quality accessories
  • No quick detach mount with the kit

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As far as crossbow equipment and accessories are concerned, majority of the kits include all the accessories that one might need. Almost every other kit comes with crossbow fishing arrows or bolts. Most of these are made from aluminum to ensure that they are light weight and easy to use. The aluminum construction also helps to increase their speed.

However, there are a few accessories that are not always included in the package. These may include attachments, crossbow fishing rod, crossbow bow fishing rods and crossbow fishing poles. These accessories have to be purchased separately. It is possible to buy them from the official website of the brand or through amazon. It is better to purchase the original accessories of the brand to ensure durability and good performance.

Conclusion: What is my personal choice that I would recommend?

When it comes to bow fishing crossbows, it’s all about your personal preference. You should always choose the unit that you find easy to use and convenient. However, if you are confused about which unit you should pick, then I would like to recommend SAS scorpii by Southland Archery.

This is because this unit has it all. It is dead fast, light weight, comes with some cool accessories and to top it all, it is durable. This is pretty much everything that a hunter would want in his crossbow. Though all of the units reviewed above are great, this one would still be my top pick.